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MLA Design GO Global

MLA Design GO Global

At Matthew Lim, functions and forms work hand in hand together. It is harmony between materiality, tactility and inclusivity to add value and meaning in realising spaces. We believe in telling a great narrative through our own design language by creative an identity in all design-driven projects. We take on design challenges to create a people-centric immersive experience through spatial curation and personalised creative works. We are not just designing interiors, we are sharing a story that redefines the way we look at spaces – for you, the community and the environment around us.


Together with my extraordinary team, we will definitely change the landscape of our country, and even the world.


We see ourselves turning each different projects into unique landmarks, crafting something that will endure the test of time, both functionality and aesthetic wise

Our Services


A powerful brand is important. What do you want people to say about your brand and how you want them to think about it? We can help you tell your brand story to your customers.

Schematic Design & Design Development
Schematic Design & Design Development

Once the concept is set, we develop the detailings and 3D visualization to give a more accurate impression.

Conceptual Design
Conceptual Design

With the layout set, we develop conceptual ideas for the interior that fits the nature of business and your requirement, something that will stand out among all the other interior design.

Interior Space Planning
Interior Space Planning

We analyze and plan the space, taking cues from the environment to ensure sustainable growth for the community, environment and clients alike.

Detailed Interior Design Documentation
Detailed Interior Design Documentation

Once everything is set, we produces the required detailed documents with all the precise measurement and drawings for the contractor tender purposes.

Cost & Schedule Control
Cost & Schedule Control

A good interior designer will always make sure the projects are done within the client’s capabilities. We in MLA will complete our projects in a timely manner while staying relevant to your budget.

Construction, Installation & Site Supervision
Construction, Installation & Site Supervision

MLA project managers make sure every jobs are done in the correct ways and within the scheduled period under their supervision.

Design Communication
Design Communication

Communication design is a mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how our work communicate with people, and to ensure the message reaches the patrons.



  • Outstanding Property Award London 2020 – Honorable Mention
  • International Interior Design Award 2020 – Winner
  • Atap Design Awards 2020 – Best Luxury Design (Landed)


  • REKA International Design Award 2019 – Finalist
  • DOTY Designer of The Year Award 2019 – Best Commercial Interior Design
  • Atap Design Awards 2019 (Malaysia) – Best Conceptual Design
  • Archidex Award 2019 (Malaysia) – Panel Judge
  • EFE Award 2019 (Malaysia) – Panel Judge
  • Penfurnex Award 2019 (Malaysia) – Panel Judge


  • Archidex Award 2018 (Malaysia) – Panel Judge
  • EFE Award 2018 (Malaysia) – Panel Judge
  • REKA International Exhibition 2018 – Conference Speaker
  • FIABCI Malaysia Brown Paper Bag Seminar 2018 – Conference Speaker


  • A’ Design Award (Milan, Italy) – Silver Award
  • Grandeur International Business Award 2017 – The Rising Entrepreneur Award
  • REKA International Design Award 2017 – Finalist
  • DOTY Designer of The Year Award 2017 – Best Commercial Interior Design


  • Asia Young Designer Award 2016 (Asia) – Silver Award
  • A’ Design Award (Milan, Italy) – Silver Award


  • Doty Award 2015 (Malaysia) – Finalist
  • Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (Malaysia & Asia) – Panel Judge


  • IDA Award International (Los Angeles, USA) – Honorary Mention


  • MIID Malaysia Interior Designer Award 2012 – Gold Award
  • Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (Malaysia) 2012 – Gold Award
  • Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (Malaysia) 2012 – Best Green Innovation Award
  • Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (Asia) 2012 – Regional Platinum Award
  • Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (Asia) 2012 – Young Designer of The Year


  •  IPDM MIDA Excellence Award 2011 – First Runner Up
  •  Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2011 – Honorary Mention